It's only taken 10 years

Hi Everyone,

A bit of a different share today...

After nearly 19 years of scrapbooking, yep I started in 1989 - I can finally say I now have my own little studio space!!!

It's taken a long time, but it was so worth the wait!  The big kids have moved out and my supplies and I have moved in!  Of course, it is still a work in progress, I have only been in for a few weeks so I'm sure things will get shuffled, but for now here is how it looks :)

Looking into the room towards the door.

View from the door.

Ohhhh the Raskog... I don't think I need more words for this one do I???  Since this photo was taken, I have moved the project life cards out of the bottom section and into a draw.  I added a towel and our kitty likes to sleep in there while I scrap.

My clip it up.  Top tier is all Crate Paper, bottom tier is everything else.

This little basket is for all things new... that is, when I buy new supplies, they go in here first.  I find this way I am much more likely to use them; if they go straight into my stash, I forget I bought them!!!  They will stay in here for a month or so, then anything left over will get filtered into my stash.  The only exception to this is kits, but I am not currently subbing to any as I was finding I was getting supplies I wasn't really loving, I really need to do some more kit club research.

My entire collection of pattern papers and cardstock, less than you might think, I'm actually not a hoarder.  In general I think I have a lot less than people expect.  One of the reasons for this is that I am a product scrapper, I use a lot of product on my pages, the second reason is that I don't go nuts buying everything in every colour.  I choose what I really love and that's it.  In the front there are masks, 12 x 12 and smaller.  Papers are sorted by colour but there are special sections for Cocoa Vanilla and Crate Paper.

Not my entire collection, just a few favourites I use a lot... all sitting in a pretty little metal dish my mother gave me, her mum had it before her, it's not real silver, but I don't care, it's special to me.

I have lots of vintage trays and tea cups etc around my space with pretties in them.  I find if I can see things I'm much more likely to use them.

My very small collection of letter "G's" - it's a work in progress... 

Paper scraps sorted by colour into these draws.  The only exception to this is Crate Paper, they all go into a separate container as I tend to use the collections all mixed together and seeing they are all cream based and similar in tone, I find it much easier just to grab that box and go!

I keep my sewing machine permanently set up, I seem to stitch every page so packing it away would be a bad idea!

Copic storage and things I use all the time in the Couture Creations Whirligig.

First level of my Raskog - ATG lives here as well as all of my sticker sheets.

Coloured pencils sorted by colour some I may have borrowed from Miss 9, love the varying shades from different manufacturers; none are fancy, all work for me just fine.

My vintage typewriter... it is the perfect shade of green.

and lucky last, a little short of my mood board/notice board/inspiration zone.  I made this from a frame I found in a thrift store, took out the centre and added some wire for hanging.

thanks for popping by today, I hope you enjoyed seeing my scrap space!