WOW... 204 days, REALLY?

Hi Everyone,

204 days.... That's 6 months and 22 days... OR, 29 weeks and 1 day.  Yep, that's quite a long time isn't it?

So.. what have I been up to in that time and why have I not updated my beloved blog?  Everything and nothing all at the same time!  I've been doing LIFE.  We went on a big family holiday to USA to visit Disneyland and see the snow on Big Bear Lake - which was amazing, I said goodbye to our beloved pet cat Hamlet who made it to the ripe old age of 15, My darling husbands mother passed away - she was such an inspiring woman,  I've graduated to Year 3 and that sure has been fun.  I heard the saying "Not my Circus, not my Monkey's and I've been using it!  I've been making heaps of cards and there are a stack published in Australian Card Making and Papercraft Magazine (note to self, maybe I should update that published work page), I've taught at the amazing Workshop Wonders event, oh yeah and I've been scrapping just for fun!  No design team work and not a lot of challenges either, "just because pages" as I call them using all the pretty stuff I have collected over the years without restriction which has been so liberating!  and more... however, as a consequence of all this my poor little blog has been neglected!

A lovely lady on face book asked me for my blog address and I gave it to her happily... but then, she asked me, where do you keep your recent work?  Whoops!  Yep, this is a recent as it gets - LOL,  SO, get ready for an update!!  BUT DON'T WORRY - it's not going to be like great Aunt Gwen who insists you sit through 1000 of her photos from her trip to the city, I'll just share a few of my favourites.


The one thing I will say about scrapping solely for yourself, is you get a real feel for what your style is and what products you do truly love and it seems I have a "thing" for pastels and Crate Paper.

Thanks for popping by lovelies - here's hoping it's not another 204 days!