Manor House DT Spotlight

Hi there everyone,

This month Manor House will be featuring each of its design team members and I was lucky #1 :)  Be sure to keep checking on the blog, the MH girls are amazing!!   Here are my creations for the month:

Yes, this years Santa photo because if I don't do it in December or January it just won't get done!  I have 6 now and everyone of them is taken at the same shopping centre with the same Santa and the same backdrop... I love this about them and its amazing to see Caitlin growing up before my eyes.

Just for fun - a card.. SRM sticker sentiment... love these.

Me, and in my swimmers, brave aren't I!!  Taken on Day Dream Island a few years ago.

and lucky last Caitlin at the Prep Ball dress up party "Once Upon A Time" ... with her two amazing teachers... She went as Rapunzel and I'm there in the background dressed as Glinda the good witch from the Wizard of Oz!!

Lots more to share with you over the coming days - I have been busy!
Thanks for popping by today.