Is it Sunday or Monday?

For those who don't know we are lucky enough in Queensland to have a public holiday today and Caitlin and I had a great day just hanging out at home. We are always so busy, it's nice to just "chill" for a bit. I have some more work to show you too; I'm really enjoying scrapping at the moment, I feel like I've hit my stride with pages actually turning out how I intended them! Also, wanted to welcome the new "followers" I have hit 10, who would have thought!!! Thanks so much for signing up each and every one of you, I hope my lil blog gives you some inspiration and something interesting to read :) and thank you all sooo very much for the lovely comments, they are all awesome!!!

Caitlin at dancing. I grew up in the dance studio and am soooo delighted that she also loves to dance, love love love it!!

thanks for visiting!
and Mum, how come you aren't "following" yet??? :)